About Us

I Consider This The Best Job In The World.

“Unusual-Auto.Com” was never supposed to be a business.  Certainly “LandCruisers-Direct.com” was never a long-time ambition of mine, either.  I am Managing Director of Papp Brothers Automotive, LTD, a company that has imported vehicles since 2006.   I am the one that imported the holy grail of Toyota LandCruisers, the 70 series double-cab, into the USA.  For close to 3 decades people have tried to do this, and Papp Brothers Automotive, LTD finally did it.  Although I am no longer personally or professionally associated with this ongoing project, it was an incredibly satisfying accomplishment.

The Land-Cruiser “community” was very quick to make life more difficult for the above project, but not so quick to help.   I had 12 years of automotive import experience, so I ordered a few JDM vehicles, which sold in a few minutes.   DING!  I figured I would make a little money on each vehicle to pay some bills for the 70 series project, and it also connected to my long-time love of Land Cruisers.

Now, importing 25 year old Toyota LandCruisers is simply not rocket science.  Why I didn’t start doing this sooner, I have no idea, but I can probably say my best motivation was from a hateful and unhelpful LandCruiser forum, as well as a friend of mine, Steve, who sells these at an embarrassing profit, all the while making it sound like he is performing brain surgery.  (Sorry - It simply is not that difficult.)  So I thank that forum and especially Steve for the motivation.

In the beginning of 2018 when I started with LandCruisers-Direct.com, I was trying to get Unusual-Auto.com off the ground, I had left the LC America project, I was not well-liked or respected by the so-called “Land-Cruiser” community, and I approached sales in exactly the wrong way – hat-in-hand, head bowed.   I disclosed all of my costs, my profit, my expenses, trying to gain trust.   The first LC buyer said something to me I should have taken to heart immediately -”People don’t give a damn who is selling it, they care about the value of what you are selling.” Now that Unusual-Auto.com is almost running itself selling a car a day, it is time to put my focus here.

I don’t have a car lot, and I don’t plan on having one.  I will have a showroom beginning in 2019, but no storage facility.   Yet with the JDM vehicles, I currently own over thirty vehicles that are for sale (not in Japan), along with 700 more available at any time.   It’s called “IOB” or Inventory On Board.   You can purchase from pictures and descriptions and 100% Guarantee, or someone else will.

I LOVE doing this.  Those who have met me, talked with me on FaceBook, know this.  I find cars, negotiate purchases, arrange shipping, and deliver cars for less money than you can get anywhere in the United States.

Call me, talk to me.   Look at what we have to offer.   If you want to buy the same LandCruiser for $10,000 more, go to Steve and it will be power washed and the washer fluid will be topped up.   Waxed probably.   If you can do that yourself, look at what we have to offer.